A Blue Century

One Hundred Years of Italian History Told through the Soccer Finals

Alfio Caruso

A Blue Century


Year: 2016

Pages: 623

Alfio Caruso describes the inextricable intertwining relationship that has historically connected the political, social and cultural reality of our country to the sport of soccer, a national passion. 

As early as 1925, when Agnelli told Mussolini that a soccer league for the children of Italian expatriates would lead to future political expansion, the sport has mirrored Italian political, social, and cultural developments. Italy’s second World Cup victory in 1938 paved the way for the infamous racial laws; Communist leanings were reinforced by Hungary’s game victory in 1953; Berlusconi’s rise to power ran parallel to the Milanese team’s triumphs. The story of a sport inextricably tied to Italian history that has held the country together during its darkest moments. 

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