Minus One

Lorenzo Beccati

Minus One


Year: 2022

Pages: 312

Mystery, love, betrayal and dishonour set in sixteenth century Genova.

Italy’s most skilful assassin plans to annihilate the enemies of the Doge while another anonymously blackmails the Regent. Set amidst the splendour of sixteenth century Genova, where thieves, blackmailers and trained shadowy alleys and magnificent palaces serve as a backdrop for an historical thriller of conspiracy and intrigue. 

The silk slayer
Publisher: AltreVoci Year: 2024 Pages: 216
Lenin’s Fisherman
Publisher: Oligo Year: 2021 Pages: 260
The Resurrector
Publisher: Dea Planeta Year: 2019 Pages: 219
In Pietra’s Shadow
Publisher: Dea Planeta Year: 2018 Pages: 287
Publisher: Nord Year: 2016 Pages: 379

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