Lorenzo Beccati



Year: 2016

Pages: 379

A breathtaking thriller for fans of Giorgio Faletti.

A bank in the centre of Milan is robbed by an unsuspecting group of clients, one of whom waits silently to be arrested. Hours later, he has vanished, and the police have been murdered. Officer Davide Ganz and his assistant Rabiaa interrogate the witnesses, but nothing they say makes sense.  

Why would a wealthy housewife, a financial trader and an elderly couple commit murder and grand larceny? They investigate the city, from Corso Buenos Aires to La Scala, but ultimately find their answers in a seventeenth century book by Franz Mesmer, the father of ‘animal magnetism’, better known as hypnosis. 

You will do as I please, even though you don’t know me.

You will lie for me, steal for me and even kill for me.

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