The silk slayer

Lorenzo Beccati

The silk slayer


Year: 2024

Pages: 216

Genova 1590. A series of atrocious murders in the Belvedere Monastery risk harming the precious silk trade that passes through the port city.

The city, which has already been ravaged by the plague, is on the verge of collapse. Meanwhile, a burglar has broken into palace of the Doge of Genoa is burglarized, stealing the elderly ruler’s most precious treasure. Despite his dislike for Investigator Pimain, the Doge knows that only he can unravel the web of evil behind these intricate crimes. In the third and final episode of the series, (The Pig Healer, The Mystery of the Incurable) Pimain must get to the bottom of these evil crimes if he wants to save his own life.

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