We All Fall Up

Rosella Postorino

We All Fall Up


Year: 2019

Pages: 144

Visit a distant land where your defect is your most important asset.

Tina is terrified of making mistakes. Her schoolmates don’t find her much fun to be around; then again, perfection doesn’t make anyone laugh. Tina’s adventure begins when she accidentally falls from a waterfall. Saved by a talking hot air balloon, she is taken to an outlandish land celebrating Waste Festival. Amongst hairdressers practicing trim therapy, politicians too shy to speak, women muttering the language of stars, homeless yoga instructors, and a whirlwind of inventors, Tina agrees to participate in the annual Treasure Hunt, through which she discovers that accepting herself is the biggest prize of all. 

Rights sold:
Turkey (Penguin Kitap Kaset)
Spain (Duomo)

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