The Summer We Fell From Grace

Rosella Postorino

The Summer We Fell From Grace


Year: 2009

Pages: 344

Although they are safe now, Margherita can still hear her aunt’s screams during the night announcing the “focu”, the “misfortune”, that three years earlier changed their lives forever.

Salvatore and Laura Silvestro are the parents of two young girls, Caterina and Margherita. Unwilling witnesses to a crime, the family was forced to flee their home in Calabria. But when Uncle Ntoni dies, Salvatore must return for the funeral. Alternating between past and present, young Margherita sifts through her memories, trying to make sense of their exile while waiting for her father’s return.

“In an attempt to understand Southern Italy, Postorino searches for meaning in the banality of evil.” 
Valeria Parrella 

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