P.O. Box Love

A Novel of Letters

Paola Calvetti

P.O. Box Love


Year: 2014

Pages: 342

A transatlantic modern romance set amongst books, letters, and the Morgan Library.

Books, letters, and the Morgan Library’s rich history play a large role in this sophisticated romantic comedy between an architect living in New York and an independent bookstore owner in Milan. Emma has finally realized her dream of opening up an independent bookshop and is ready to slip into her golden years until Federico walks in. Seeing each other after more than three decades apart rekindles their feelings, and they begin a long-distance relationship. Once a year, they meet in Belle-Île, a small island off the coast of Brittany where a Celtic legend foreshadows their affair. A novel about the endless possibilities of love at every age.

Rights sold:
UK/US (St Martins Press)

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