I Speak of Love to Myself

Life and Music within the Walls of Casa Verdi

Paola Calvetti

I Speak of Love to Myself


Year: 2013

Pages: 126

Set in an extraordinary retirement home for musicians, the legendary Villa that Giuseppe Verdi donated to the city of Milan in 1902.

Ada, an eccentric maid, knows the secrets of all the retired musicians in Casa Verdi: Bartholomew, the ninety-year-old tenor; Piera, whose aged hands still dance with grace across the piano; Kimiko, the Japanese soprano; Luisa, who sang with Maria Callas in La Traviata; and Ferro, the violinist who has broken hundreds of hearts. As they prepare for a wedding concert, their incredible stories unravel for the one woman who will never betray them, because she too has a secret.

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