The Symphony of Brief Moments

Mattia Signorini

The Symphony of Brief Moments


Year: 2009

Pages: 182

The inspirational and surreal voyage of a man who seeks to understand the world through love and friendship.

Green Talbot is a listener in a world of talkers. Born in a small town in 1919, he embarks on a trip to his destiny during the brief peace between two devastating wars. The journey takes him through some of the most fascinating periods and places in history: the United States during the Great Depression, Europe after World War II, and Italy during the economic boom. Eventually, he returns home to face his demons, and the little girl he left behind.

Rights sold:
France (Presses de la Cité)
Holland (Lanncomeulenhoff)
Spain (Planeta)

Peace On the Western Front
Publisher: Feltrinelli Year: 2022 Pages: 208
Invisible Stars
Publisher: Feltrinelli Year: 2019 Pages: 224
Fragile Expectations
Publisher: Marsilio Year: 2015 Pages: 249
Publisher: Marsilio Year: 2013 Pages: 221
Far From Everything
Publisher: TEA Year: 2007 Pages: 270

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