A Little Peace

Mattia Signorini

A Little Peace


Year: 2022

Pages: 208

A timeless tale inspired by the Christmas Truce of 1914

1914, a young British man, more a boy than a man, enrolls in the army, where even the noblest of illusions are quickly torn to tatters by reality. He is no rifleman, and he certainly is not ready to die. Sustained by a courage quite unlike heroism, he finds friendship, even love and forgiveness, on the front. A single encounter with a young woman leads him to the inspiring true event: the Christmas Truce of 1914, when German and British soldiers left their trenches to celebrate as brothers in no man’s land. They were idealistic young men capable of great gestures. And if it were up to all but one of them, history might have gone very differently.

In 1933, shortly after Hitler has come to power, a father and son set out for Flanders. The former German soldier has never told his son why his left hand is maimed, or about the British man he met in the forest of Ypres. An enemy who became a friend, or rather a friend who became an enemy. Together, they both found the last thing you would expect in war: peace.

Mattia Signorini reinvents the story with extraordinary simplicity and poetic license.

A gigantic story that resonates with a profound truth: each and every one of us can make peace blossom.

Viola Ardone

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