Peace On the Western Front

Mattia Signorini

Peace On the Western Front


Year: 2022

Pages: 208

A powerful, emotional novel of peace and friendship against the greatest of odds.

1914. A boy enrols in the army, hoping to find peace in the great adventure of war. Handed a rifle, he discovers the grim reality: grey days distinguished only by the ever-present spectre of death. In the midst of horror, he finds close friendships, love and companionship. In an unexpected act of courage, he changes the course of history, bringing German and Brits to put down their weapons for a celebration of peace.

In 1933, a father and son set out for Flanders. The former soldier carries more of the war with him than his maimed left hand. The British man he met in the forest of Ypres is a memory passed down from father to son, a story of friendship across enemy lines, forged by one uniting belief: the need for peace.

Mattia Signorini reinvents a true historical event with extraordinary simplicity and poetic license. He speaks at schools all over the nation. 

A timeless novel which resonates with a profound truth: that each and every one of us can make peace blossom
Viola Ardone

A small gem of a novel about the folly and wickedness of war.
A.N. Wilson

Valeria Parrella, Grazia

“He’s an enfant prodige.”
Piersandro Pallavicini, La Stampa: Tuttolibri

“Truly fluid, engaging writing.”
Roberto Carnero, Il Sole 24 Ore: Domenica

“Despite his young age, he never ceases to surprise us.”
“Writing with the scope of literature.”
Gian Paolo Serino, Il Giornale and D di Repubblica

“Signorini’s young voice takes us away
like a melodious musical score.”
Federico Chiara, Vogue Italy

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Rights sold:
France (Michel Lafon Publishing)
Netherlands (Horizon)
UK (Bonnier Manilla Books)


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