Mattia Signorini



Year: 2013

Pages: 221

It’s good to come from a small town, if for nothing else than the joy of leaving it. A small town means you are never alone, there is always a small piece of you in the neighbors, in the soil and it will always be there, waiting for you, even after you have gone.

Ettore returns to his hometown to sell his family home a year after a tragic car accident claimed the lives of his parents. Emptying the house brings him back to his childhood, the last argument he had with his father and the people he grew up with who almost make him long for the simplicity of the past. But the encounter that affects him most is an unexpected meeting with Crazy Ester, the town recluse. She spends her days sitting along the riverbank and muttering. But not everything she says is gibberish. During this challenging time, Ettore unearths a family secret and finds his true love. 

Invisible Stars
Publisher: Feltrinelli Year: 2019 Pages: 224
Fragile Expectations
Publisher: Marsilio Year: 2015 Pages: 249
The Symphony of Brief Moments
Publisher: Marsilio Year: 2009 Pages: 182
Far From Everything
Publisher: TEA Year: 2007 Pages: 270

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