Nobody is Innocent

Roberta De Falco

Nobody is Innocent

Sperling & Kupfer

Year: 2013

Pages: 302

A page-turning crime series set in the border city of Trieste, introducing Inspector Benussi and his two zealous assistants, Elettra Morin and Valerio Gargiulo.

When Ursula Cohen, the spiteful owner of a lavish mansion, is found floating in the cold waters of Trieste’s port, Inspector Benussi assumes that Mrs. Cohen had fallen. But then again, she might have been pushed. It soon becomes clear that everyone hated the elderly Mrs. Cohen: her unpaid gardener; the mistreated Brazilian housekeeper; Cohen’s indebted son; and possibly Cohen’s only friend.

Rights sold:
Germany (Piper Verlag)
Spain (Edhasa)

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