Good Times for Bad People

Roberta De Falco

Good Times for Bad People

Sperling & Kupfer

Year: 2014

Pages: 290

To solve a murder, Inspector Benussi has to go back in time, to a conflict just beyond the borders of Trieste. The second novel of the Benussi series.

Inspector Benussi is relaxing at his cottage a few days before Christmas when he receives a frantic call from his teenage daughter. Carla, his wife, never came home. As he desperately searches for her, his two young inspectors investigate a case involving an intricate web of revenge crimes related to the recent Yugoslavian War. Could Carla’s disappearance have anything to do with it? This fast-paced mystery is punctuated by the poignant love letters of two Bosnian teenagers during the Yugoslav War.

Rights sold:
Germany (Piper Verlag)

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