Blood of my Blood

Roberta De Falco

Blood of my Blood

Newton Compton

Year: 2019

Pages: 280

A young woman’s body found in a burnt car leads investigator Elettra Morin to an elderly art collector and his son. Blood is thicker than water and sharper than a knife in this cozy crime set in Northeast Italy. 

A body burnt beyond recognition in a car accident hides a heinous crime and a family secret.
When a few hundred meters away a naked wounded man is found running away from the car-wreck, the Monfalcone Mobile team is sure they have found the culprit, but newly appointed Commissioner Elettra Morin knows from experience that looks can be deceiving. The car license plates lead her to a patrician villa whose owner, an elderly art collector and his son, are profoundly disturbed by the girl’s death.  Those walls have seen tragedy…and that blood runs thicker than water.

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