Job’s Revenge

Roberta De Falco

Job’s Revenge


Year: 2022

Pages: 282

A victim with an abundance of enemies and a shady past. An all too perfect culprit. A web of lies and deceit at the cost of the innocent.

A retiree comes across the corpse of a real estate agent from Trieste. Chopra, the man accused of the murder, bought a house from the victim fifteen years earlier. His attempts to prove his innocence are met with incomprehension and ill-concealed hatred. He is a foreigner, an immigrant who barely speaks the language, and now, he and his wife are about to lose their house to the bank. Elettra Morin, the new commissioner of the Squad, believes that Chopra is a victim and is set on proving his innocence, even if it means uncovering a scheme that involves more than just the two of them.
The ability to explore social inequality marks Roberta De Falco as a master of crime writing.

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