The Abyss

The Hour of the Damned Vol.1

Luca Tarenzi

The Abyss


Year: 2020

Pages: 416

Virgil unwillingly forced to guide five antiheroes out of hell.

In this reinterpretation of Dante’s Hell, Virgil has successfully led Dante through obscurity to the mountains of Purgatory, where he can just about glimpse the divine light. Although he can no longer return to Limbo, he is free to travel around Hell, at the mercy of the broken, fallen angels. Virgil doesn’t know it, but he is a key figure in a plot hatched by Pier della Vigna, Count Ugolino, and a select group of chosen consorts, to escape the fires of inferno.

“Virgilio widened his eyes, “Count Ugolino? No, never ever! Maybe you’re not crazy, but he is. It will end in the worst way if we take that monster with us”. 
“That monster is as necessary as you and I are. Bring them both here with the weapons and the rest of the equipment, so we can depart.” 

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