Orpheus. Death and Dreams Vol. 1

Luca Tarenzi

Orpheus. Death and Dreams Vol. 1


Year: 2024

Pages: 416

A new fantasy trilogy by bestselling author of The Hour of the Damned.

13th century BC: Orpheus, the illegitimate son of a Thracian king, was raised motherless, deprived of his father’s affection, and desperately in love with his stepsister, Eurydice. One night, Eurydice flees from the fortress, where she is kept until her arranged marriage is concluded. Orpheus pursues her, and shortly afterward, the two run into a band of satyrs, wild men who worship the god Dionysus. They are safe with the satyrs, though. Marsyas, their leader, is Orpheus’ half-brother who years earlier disowned his father and the title of prince. Dionysus is intrigued by Orpheus and orders the satyrs to instruct him in their shamanic arts. While the king finds Eurydice and locks her back up in his fortress, Orpheus proves to be a prodigious student in the supernatural arts. He soon masters the ability to abandon his body and enter the dreams of others. A brutal, lyrical, violent, and passionate tale of magic, eternal love.

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