The Mountain

The Hour of the Damned Vol. 2

Luca Tarenzi

The Mountain


Year: 2021

Pages: 368

The second volume of a powerful and dramatic trilogy inspired by Dante and set between Hell and Purgatory.

As soon as the four escapees from Hell land on the shores of Purgatory they realize the mountain is swarming with angels who are searching for them. Filippo Argenti decides that his chances are better if he detaches himself from the others and climbs Purgatory on his own before involving two new escape companions. Meanwhile Virgil re-emerges from the waters of Acheronte with plans of his own.

“The island was a mountain that rose from the sea in the shape of a huge, truncated cone, wider than its height. The lower slopes were covered with trees, a sort of green belt that sparkled in the sun, dense, solemn and incredibly alive.” 

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