The Domino Effect

How a Global World Influences our Finances

Mariangela Pira

The Domino Effect


Year: 2023

Pages: 208

Every single person, every single nation, is intrinsically connected and going back is not an option. Are we closer or farther apart than in previous years? Is globalization at an end, or do events in seemingly distant countries continue to affect us with a domino effect? How else do you explain that: the closure Ukrainian ports leads to higher paper prices in Italy and riots in Sri Lanka; Or that drought in Sicily changes viticulture in America; China’s threats toward Taiwan triggers a microchip emergency in Europe; or that the fate of the Congo depends on our electric cars? 
An approach that incorporates economic anthropology and the contribution of scholars and professionals, Mariangela Pira provides us with the tools to untangle the shortage of raw materials and value chains, climate warfare and green transition, complex issues that affect our daily lives. 
The prices and availability of things we use every day, from mobile phones to bread, aspirin and coffee, remind us of how much smaller the world is than we imagine and to what extent our choices require responsibility.

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