A New World

Mariangela Pira

A New World


Year: 2021

Pages: 288

The challenges and opportunities of life after the pandemic.

As the country most affected by the pandemic, Italy will receive a significant amount of public funding, but will we know how to spend it? And, above all, will it be enough to jump start the country’s economy? 

A guide to ways the world will change after the pandemic by Italy’s most loved and listened to financial journalist. With the clear and engaging language that has made her a point of reference for economic information on television and the web, Mariangela Pira questions entrepreneurs, doctors, researchers and economists to understand their position on the country’s future scenario.

We should use the pandemic as a lesson to reform the rules by bending them in the service of the people. It depends on us, we as individuals are responsible. 

Mariangela Pira 

I tell young people to shout louder because politicians do not hear them.
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