Year Zero D.C.

Mariangela Pira

Year Zero D.C.


Year: 2020

Pages: 256

We all remember the world before Covid-19, but what will it look like after this pandemic? A clear, concise and no-nonsense vision of the socio-economic future, with a dash of hope, by economics expert and television reporter for Sky24.

Economic journalist Mariangela Pira has a single motto: report the facts. Her simple and accessible way of explaining the repercussions of Covid-19 on our economic reality has gained her thousands of followers who appreciate her clarity and have come to trust her. They trust that her information comes from her relentless research with experts and international investors. Based on official data from banks, stock exchanges, labour markets and trade services, this account of our rapidly changing economy will help readers to understand how this pandemic has impacted the global economy and how we can recover from it.

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