The Story of a Body Like Any Other

Giulia Blasi



Year: 2021

Pages: 160

Isn’t it time to raise our voices in the name of the ugly and take a place at the table? 

Hag, witch, dog, hoe, troll, fugly, crone, tramp, homely, skank…There are more words for an ugly woman than there are for God. We are living in an aesthetic dictatorship ruled by the arbitrary judgement of men. “Ugly” means “unfuckable, “nasty” and therefore an “angry bitch” whose opinions are “stupid” and unimportant. Women have become so used to this status quo that they have internalized the male gaze, “repairing” the damage with surgery, botox and makeup, starving themselves and exercising to reduce thighs, arms, and buttocks in order to be beautiful, silent, and sexually available.

This book originates as a speech given by the author during a protest organized by men at the “Beauty Fair” in Verona.

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