Scintilla in the Dark

Giulia Blasi

Scintilla in the Dark

Il Battello a Vapore

Year: 2023

Pages: 247

A severe accident has caused Miriam to lose her memory. When she wakes from her coma, the summer has already come and gone, together with her old life. Her mother, her father and her grandparents have passed away and she is put in the care of her only relative, Uncle Simo, who is practically a stranger. Her new life begins in a new neighborhood and a new school. One day, she sees a girl in the mirror. Her name is Scintilla and apparently, she lives with them.At least Miriam now has a friend, someone to confide in. But who is Scintilla, and how did she get there?

Publisher: Rizzoli Year: 2021 Pages: 160
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Publisher: Rizzoli Year: 2020 Pages: 320
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