Things That Never Happened

Giulia Blasi

Things That Never Happened


Year: 2024

Pages: 352

In a perfectly normal Italian town in the late ‘80’s, an adolescent girl goes missing. It is said she jumped on a train, ran away, but then again, she had always said that she wanted to leave. Four decades later, her four best friends meet again at a funeral, where a series of coincidences leads them to revisit the unanswered question: What ever happened to Luana. Their search for truth reveals the lies and deception beneath the veneer of an apparent quiet of a respectable town.

There is an ugly orange wallet on the bottom of a draw on my bedside table. It is stuffed with ugly photographs that take me back to the summer of 1990. There is Claudia, with her bangs and smokey sunglasses; Gina, a little thinner, whose damp hair falls loosely on her shoulders, and stick skinny me with my eyeglasses. Lulu had already left. I remember the mixed feelings of loss and relief in the years that followed, not knowing where she was or what she was doing. It was unsettling but life without her had become much easier, at least for us.

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