All the Joy the Future Holds

Lorenza Gentile

All the Joy the Future Holds


Year: 2024

Pages: 320

Convinced that her life is one big mistake, Selene embarks on a daring journey back to where she spent her happiest days as a child in the heart of Puglia. Does her past hold the secret to a happier future?

We live in an age where nothing is impossible, so when things don’t work out, Selene assumes that it must be her fault. Now in her 30’s, she still hasn’t found her way: she is all alone and the restaurant she opened is now on the verge of bankruptcy. Where did she go wrong? Is she incapable, or do the roots of her problems go back even further, to fifteen years ago?

To find out, she decides to flee Milan and drive to a small town in the heart of Puglia, where she grew up, immersed in a spiritual commune, surrounded by friends and family. The valley is exactly the same, dotted with olive trees and trulli, the sea view on the horizon. Unfortunately, just as she approaches the ashram where she lived as a child, her car’s engine melts down, and it is all downhill from there. While waiting for spare parts, she is given a red Uno full of personality. Not everyone welcomes her with open arms, but Selene reunites with her old nanny Flora, makes new friends and decides to take care of a little donkey called Virgil, who looks as lonely as she does. Between trips to Salento, discussions about the meaning of life, yoga and afternoons in the kitchen with people who seem to know her better than she knows herself, Selene begins to understand that sometimes you have to lose yourself to find your dreams. And all the joy the future holds, to paraphrase Shakespeare.

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