The Supreme One

with Giuseppe Lumia

Andrea Galli

The Supreme One


Year: 2021

Pages: 281

The true story of Pasquale Condello, ruler of a secret kingdom of evil, innovation and tradition. From cigarette smuggling to drug trafficking, his thirty-year reign of the ‘Ndrangheta left an endless trail of heinous crimes.

Growing up in Archi, an ancient district of Reggio Calabria overlooking the Strait of Messina, Pasquale Condello’s spell-bounding rise to power began with cigarette contraband in the 1970’s and led to international drug smuggling.  A lethal killer during the first ‘Ndrangheda war, he left a legacy of atrocious crimes involving business, politics and masonry. Climbing the ranks, he became a trusty squire of a powerful clan in the De Stefano family. But, a successful strategist, he ultimately gained his position as the master of all: The Supreme.

Publisher: Rizzoli Year: 2020 Pages: 400

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