Andrea Galli



Year: 2020

Pages: 400

The incredible true story of Julian Sinanaj, the deadliest assassin in Europe. This mild-mannered, model citizen who lived under the radar until his arrest in 2014,  is said to have killed over 34 people.

Interpol didn’t know they were looking for the deadliest assassin in Europe until Julius Sinanaj was caught and confessed. Captured in Albania in 2018, Sinanaj led a hermit’s existence with not a single traffic ticket or arrest. And yet, the thirty-six-year-old who grew up in the slums of Elbasan and later immigrated with his family to Greece, where he learned explosive making from local anarchists, was a skilled professional, hired by criminals, politicians, common citizens, and the Russian Secret Services, who not only paid him to execute but most likely taught him the trade. He is currently in isolation.

Rights sold:
Poland (Grupa Wydawnicza)
Serbia (Laguna)

The Supreme One
Publisher: Piemme Year: 2021 Pages: 281

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