The Early Hour of the Morning

Anna Martellato

The Early Hour of the Morning


Year: 2018

Pages: 304

A novel set in Italian-occupied Rhodes and inspired by a true story.

Just as Zoe’s career is about to take off, an unwanted pregnancy throws her a curve ball. The only person she can turn to for advice is her bedridden grandmother Anna, born in Rhodes. Zoe doesn’t know that Anna’s life changed the day the Italian-occupied island suddenly became German. She and her twin sister were young when the racial laws came into effect, but not too young to know that the woman raising them was not their true mother. Her grandmother’s confession will help Zoe understand that there is no such thing as absolute truth in motherhood. The deportation of the Jews in Rhodes is a little-known chapter in history.

The Cicada’s Nest
Publisher: Giunti Year: 2020 Pages: 224

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