The Cicada’s Nest

Anna Martellato

The Cicada’s Nest


Year: 2020

Pages: 224

A broken-hearted woman, a childhood friend and a family secret hidden in a villa along Lake Garda. 

Mia has sacrificed everything for her husband, only to discover that he has been leading a parallel life with another woman. Now, the only place she wants to go is home, along the shores of Lake Garda where her authoritative mother Vittoria still lives. Fortunately, so does Luca, a childhood friend who cultivates lavender. His presence, and the herbal remedies he cultivates, provide solace for Mia and the hope of a second chance. But there is a dark secret in Luca’s life too…and it regards Mia’s dead brother.

The Early Hour of the Morning
Publisher: Giunti Year: 2018 Pages: 304

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