Small Town, Bad Dreams

Marco Bocci

Small Town, Bad Dreams


Year: 2020

Pages: 216

Two brothers and an entire generation almost destroyed by their hopes and dreams.

Everything about Fantignole is too small for Mirko, from its windy roads to its little brick houses. Even his bedroom suffocates him. He knows in his heart that his future as an actor in Rome is just beyond his grasp, but he will do whatever it takes to be noticed. On the other hand, Pietro, his obedient brother, loves everything that Mirko hates about the little town. He works in the fields during the day and helps in his father’s workshop at night. A perfect child. When their worlds collide, it is a recipe for disaster.

Dreaming big can break even the toughest in a small town.

It Never Rains in Tor Bella Monaca
Publisher: Dea Planeta Year: 2016 Pages: 224

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