It Never Rains in Tor Bella Monaca

Marco Bocci

It Never Rains in Tor Bella Monaca

Dea Planeta

Year: 2016

Pages: 224

Mauro Borri is about to learn how easy it is to be bad.

Ever since Mauro’s girlfriend Samantha left him for a doctor, his life has gone to shit. In Tor Bella Monaca, the future is an obstacle course, and a real job feels like a mirage. When a defaulting tenant puts the Borri family in debt, Mauro decides to help his friends Fabio and Domenico rob the Chinese mafia. Unlike his brother Romulus, who has spent time in prison, Mauro is no criminal; but he is a quick learner. A family story of desperation and hardship told with irony and humour.

A novel that expresses compassion for a harsh and degraded world full of anger and life. 

Small Town, Bad Dreams
Publisher: Mondadori Year: 2020 Pages: 216

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