The Key Witness

Sarah Savioli

The Key Witness


Year: 2021

Pages: 304

Solving a crime is hard enough. But how do you convince a judge when your key witness is a horny dog?

The children of a wealthy businessman, Barani, hire private investigators Anna, Cantoni and Tonino when they discover that a large sum of their father’s inheritance has been left to the housekeeper. Anna, whose gift for talking to plants and animals does not fail her, learns from Barani’s sex-obsessed pug that Barani had a visitor the night of his suicide. But before he can reveal more, the pug runs away. Anna, whose father has meanwhile become ill, finds herself in a race against the clock to discover who killed Barani and why.

Bestseller Italia. 
25,000 copies sold.
A cosy crime series for animal-lovers. 

Rights sold: 
Film (Effe)

Murder at Tesla Academy
Publisher: Feltrinelli Year: 2023 Pages: 224
The Guilty Gang
Publisher: Feltrinelli Year: 2022 Pages: 272
Everything Changes!
Publisher: Feltrinelli Year: 2021 Pages: 48
The Unsuspectables
Publisher: Feltrinelli Year: 2020 Pages: 240

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