The Wild Ones

The Wild Ones

Year: 2023

Pages: 272

A fresh and amusing approach to cosy crime, featuring a private detective who talks to plants and animals and they talk back!

The famous detective is sent on her first case away from home: to the Ferlico Mountain range in central Italy, where husband and wife run a shelter.
One night a Syrian refugee goes missing. The local police believe he has left of his own free will but the couple believe otherwise. With all the animals and plants around as witnesses, Anna is sure this will be an open and shut case, but the chaos of the talking forest overwhelms her. With the help of Cantoni and her Great Dane Otto, Anna finds new strategies for communicating with goats, hedgehogs, wild boars, squirrels, deer, and the surrounding flora. As the secrets of the small town emerge, so do the relationships between wild animals and disrespectfulhumans.

Sarah Savioli’s humorous cozy crime stories are filled with forensics and instilled with the author’s love for nature.