The Wisdom of Flowers

Roberta Schira

The Wisdom of Flowers


Year: 2023

Pages: 400

Eleonora is a celebrity chef, whose extraordinary sense of taste and smell make her unique. She finds herself at a crossroads when a minor accident causes her to lose those finely attuned God-given gifts upon which she has constructed her life and livelihood. Eleonora must find a way to return to the kitchen that was once her haven but now frightens her.
A small trunk holds the key to her healing: a recipe book of unique and carefully dosed ingredients, like Courage, Kindness, Hope and Forgiveness. Even Love. Living alone, and fighting for recognition, she has forgotten their meaning.
The book is something Eleonora has never seen before but she instantly recognizes the handwriting as that of her grandmother, the woman who brought her up. It is she who taught Eleonora that the practical act of preparing in the kitchen is only a part of cooking; in making food there is also healing, for others and for oneself.
On her road back to health and happiness, Eleonora is guided by her grandmother’s words filled with hope, a touch of courage, and a drop of cheerfulness. They simmer in her heart and keep her tottering world from collapsing like a souffle, until she finds the will to live again. Piece by piece, Eleonora gains strength and is reborn, stronger and happier than before, connected to her friends and community.

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