The Wisdom of Flowers

Roberta Schira

The Wisdom of Flowers


Year: 2023

Pages: 400

Few people in this world are gifted with Eleonora’s heightened, almost supernatural sense of smell. It has served her well as a gourmet…until she woke up in the hospital unable to taste or smell.

Now that her love life is in shambles and her restaurant risks closing, she needs the wisdom of Grandmother Ernesta more than ever. Ernesta taught her that cooking, like love, is much more than chemistry. In preparation, there is healing. Day after day, Eleonora tries to rebuild her life with the help of the letters she finds in a trunk that could only have been written by her grandmother. A touch of courage today and a drop of joy tomorrow, over time, create resilience. They simmer to keep her
world from collapsing like a soufflé until she finds the will to live again.

Words and food create the magic to mend a heart.

Rights sold:
Russia (Eksmo)
Turkey (Serenad Yayinlari)

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