June released

Luglio 1, 2024

June released








   The Italian edition of  All the Joy that You Can Wish For  –  Lorenza Gentile

  The Polish edition of  One Day With You  –  Shari Low

The Danish edition of  Summer on the French Riviera  –  Jennifer Bohnet

The Italian edition of  Listen to My Voice  – Susanna Tamaro

The French edition of  Summer Kisses at Mermaids Point  – Sarah Bennett

The Italian edition of  More beautiful Than Ever  – Cosimo Buccarella

The Italian edition of  In famiglia tutto bene  – Cinzia Pennati

    The Italian edition of Che botta! – Sarah Savioli

   The Italian edition of  Rental Person Who Does Nothing  –  Shoji Morimoto

   The French edition of  The Orphans of Berlin  – Jina Bacarr










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