The Love I Saved for You released on January 31st

February 3, 2023

The Love I Saved for You released on January 31st

The Love I Saved for You

Rosella Postorino



Rosella Postorino’s new title The Love I Saved for You has been released on January 31st.

From the author of the international bestseller The Women at Hitler’s Table, Rosella Postorino’s latest novel inspired by a true story casts us into the midst of a bloody war raging in the heart of Europe. At the end of the last century, destiny deprives three children of their every comfort. Omar, Nada and Danilo grow up risking their lives and innocently saving one another.

“Rosella Postorino’s ability to write about the pain of a survivor of a war thirty years ago confirms once again the power of literature.”
Donatella Di Pietrantonio, la Repubblica


“May this book settle in those who read it, in memory of the children torn apart by war. May the creatures of this book touch all those who read its pages and become attached to them, as though they have met and accompanied them in their existence.”
Erri De Luca, la Lettura – Corriere della Sera


“Sarajevo is shaped like a cradle, – writes Rosella Postorino, – and there within it, even the most steadfast childhood has been corrupted. The rest is purgatory. Or forgetfulness, which is the ferocity of survival.”
Andrea Bajani, TTL – La Stampa

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