The Water Seeker

Elena Pigozzi

The Water Seeker


Year: 2022

Pages: 352

There is a white house on the side of a mountain, overlooking the lake, in a forgotten place between the provinces of Trento and Verona. From a distance, when the sun illuminates the walls, it looks like a pearl or a shell, placed there by chance. But it was purposely built there by Giovanni, with the meagre savings he managed to bring home from working in the ‘Merica‘. It is there that now Sara, his niece, has returned after many years of absence, because the house is in danger. They want to build a highway, and Sara cannot allow that. The house is silent witness to the intertwined destinies of Giovanni and his wife Ines, the short lives of Erminia, Maria, Giuseppe. And above all, it is there that Sara received from her ancestors the gift of water. Like John, Sarah also feels the water and knows how and where to find it, sensing the vibrations with the willow fork. Her grandfather told her that the gift is a cross to bear, and he knew from experience.  Now that she is back home, Sara retraces her family history, a story of awakenings and returns, of wounds, of mothers and daughters, a heritage. Saving her beloved home will be the legacy she leaves her estranged daughter Mirta in the hopes of reconnecting before she dies. 

The Last Seamstress
Publisher: Piemme Year: 2020 Pages: 176

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