The Last Seamstress

Elena Pigozzi

The Last Seamstress


Year: 2020

Pages: 176

The threads of her life unraveled like rivers in spring, and all that was left was the legacy of the last embroiderer.

Euphrasia lives in a small house along a lonely road that connects her village to the vast forest where she grew up, surrounded by fabric, spools, and pins. She, like all the women in her family, spent the sweetest moments of their lives embroidering, weaving, sewing, and interpreting women’s desires through an art passed on from mother to daughter. But that was many decades ago. Today, at seventy, her arthritic fingers make sewing slow and painful, her eyes are almost too dim to thread, and the village is a ghost town. That is when Filomela walks into her life with a request: to help her prepare for her wedding. In Filomela’s company, Euphrasia is given one last opportunity to do what she loves most. The threads of her own life unravel like rivers in spring. She shares the story of a love as delicate as linen, and the millenary art that is the true legacy of the last embroiderer. 

Give me a thread and I’ll tell you an incredible story! 
Laura Ima Messina 

The Water Seeker
Publisher: Piemme Year: 2022 Pages: 352

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