M for Milan

Marta Perego

M for Milan

Bottega Errante Edizioni

Year: 2021

Pages: 304

Everything you should know about Milan, at least according to Marta Perego…

Milan is a city that embraces, transforms, challenges, crushes, and inspires you to start all over. It is a place of stories, films, books, and extraordinary people like Camilla Cederna, Mariangela Melato, Giorgio Gaber, Alda Merini, and Dino Buzzati. It’s a city filled with secrets, hidden churches and parks. More than a guide, this is a window into all one person loves about Milan.

“I would like this book to be a meeting place. Between you, the reader, and the places we pass through. Not to get lost but to build a new alphabet and to invent new meanings; to remind us that we are citizens, inhabitants and human beings.” 

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