The Truth Is That You Don’t Like Yourself Enough

Redefining love starting with you

Marta Perego

The Truth Is That You Don’t Like Yourself Enough


Year: 2022

Pages: 320

Let’s stop looking for perfection in others and start loving ourselves, which is the first step to deep and lasting relationships with anyone.

We women grow up with the expectation of  a “happy ending, true love, starting with casual dating, Tinder, and usually ending with heartbreak.  What if the happy ending started with us? Cultural journalist Marta Perego and psychotherapist Valeria Locati explore the role of love today and its multiple declinations, in a narrative journey that sifts through Tinder, ghosting, and princes who turn out to be frogsm overturning a glossy and unattainable ideal of “romantic love” we read about and see on television. Analyzing contemporary society and its values, the authors explain how to rewrite the definition of love, say goodbye forever to stereotypes and why it is most important to learn to love before loving.

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