The Hidden Voice of Stones

The Hidden Voice of Stones


Year: 2017

Pages: 383

Luna was a little girl when her grandfather taught her the power of stones.

Agate lends courage, aquamarine grants joy, and jade spreads peace and wisdom. Luna, like her grandfather, knows that a single stone can change your destiny. Leonardo knows it too. Growing up, they shared the magic and wonder of minerals and crystals, and then they fell in love. After more than a decade has gone by, Leonardo is gone and Luna is engaged to another man. Ever since the ‘incident’ the gems she once loved have lost their magic. But there are a few lessons she can still learn when Leonardo walks back into her life.

“The agate gives me courage. 
Aquamarine gives me happiness.” 

Rights sold:
Poland (Spoleczny Instytut Wydawr)
Spain (Ediciones B)