An Entire Moment of Bliss

An Entire Moment of Bliss

Dea Planeta

Year: 2019

Pages: 383

A small town, your first love, a brief summer just one moment of bliss.

Arianna Brandi is the kind of girl you cannot ignore, and not just because of her bright red hair and sassy attitude. No amount of alcohol or all-night partying can make up for her missing father, and all she sees is a big black hole where the future should be. Failing her class, her mother sends her to spend the summer in her grandmother’s tiny village on the outskirts of Siena. There, she meets Daniel who makes her whole again, her knight in shining armour. But why is he so secretive, hiding behind his camera, taking pictures in an effort to stop time? Discovering the truth will give her a reason to live.