The Name We Give to Colors

Ivan Sciapeconi

The Name We Give to Colors


Year: 2023

Pages: 214

Based on the life of an educator whose activism led to reform in children’s institutions.

1970: Ettore is a new entry at “Villa Giardini”. His mother has passed away and his father’s new wife doesn’t want an extra mouth to feed. In this senseless place for children considered “subnormal” and “uncurable”, some mentally ill and others simply unwanted, he makes sense of the world through colors.

When an unusual teacher- “the Pastor” – arrives, enacting new methods of education that show the children respect, even love, Ettore knows that his life is about to change. In this intimate confession addressed to the Pastor, and to anyone who will listen, Ettore recounts a journey of healing through love and art.


40 Coats and a Button
Publisher: Piemme Year: 2022 Pages: 208

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