40 Coats and a Button

Ivan Sciapeconi

40 Coats and a Button


Year: 2022

Pages: 208

Based on the extraordinary true story of 40 Jewish children from across Europe who were sheltered in an abandoned villa in Italy. Protected by the entire town of Nonantola, and a network of heroes, they managed to survive the war and flee to Israel.

Nathan’s father has already been picked up by the black shirts when Frau Feier knocks on the door to speak with his mother. It takes little to convince her that Berlin is no place for a little Jewish boy in 1942. Nathan is about to embark on a journey through the Slovenian winter, to Villa Emma in Italy, on his way to Switzerland and Palestine. In Italy, he is safe, almost happy, in the company of 73 other Jewish children from across Europe. But as Germany advances, leaving begins to look impossible. Just when all seems lost, the town priest, together with local seamstresses, invent a brilliant plan to get the children out of Europe.

Rights sold: 
Denmark (Alpha Forlag)
France (Albin Michel)
Germany (Ullstein)
Lithuania (Baltos Lankos)
Netherlands (Xander Uitgevers)
Portugal (Presença)
Slovenia (Hisa knjig)

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