The Outsiders

Cosimo Buccarella

The Outsiders


Year: 2023

Pages: 348

Inspired by true events.

1946, Santa Maria al Bagno, Puglia. In this tiny fishing port at the heel of Italy’s boot, four children – Tommaso, Umberto, Marcello and Giovanni – find a dead body hidden in the bushes along a dusty road they have never noticed before. It leads them to a British-run refugee camp, where thousands who have survived the war are waiting to embark for Palestine, the future state of Israel. The camp is a world away from post-war Italy, with food and medicine, doctors, and all the resources that the town lacks. To the hungry children, it looks like Paradise.
Tommaso has a sister who is dying of Typhus. He would do anything to save her, even steal. Paradoxically, their only hope lies within the camp’s confines.

“Based on a surprising historical event, extraordinary characters. A book with a lucky future.”
Valeria Parrella

“Writing about childhood and adolescence is always a wonderful risk. Whether the story is set in the present, the future or, as in this case, the past, the difference lies in the ability to completely tune in to the thoughts and emotions of the characters. Buccarella has mastered this ability. The Outsiders is really a beautiful story, a novel of true adventure.”
Simona Vinci

“An intense and coming carousel of characters created by Buccarella, who has turned perspective upside down with subtle irony and exposed an unpredictable story of great courage surrounding the misery of war.”
Romina Casagrande

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