Carlo Went Out by Himself

Enzo Gianmaria Napolillo

Carlo Went Out by Himself


Year: 2020

Pages: 248

Carlo counts the crumbs on the table, the drops of rain on the windowpane, and the stars in the sky. He never leaves home alone. Find out why.

Years ago, his middle school teacher told him that “a straight line is an infinite series of dots”. She failed to add that some lines end abruptly and can’t be fixed— like him after the schoolyard incident. Now, at thirty-three years old, Carlo has built a wall between himself and the world. Just when Carlo’s parents have given up hope, he meets Leda, who likes his peculiar ways. Together, they seek to make peace with the past and find a pathway towards the future.

Rights sold:
France (L’aube)
Serbia (Tea Books)

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Publisher: Feltrinelli Year: 2015 Pages: 216

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