The Godmother

Murder, Vengeance, and the Women Who Took Over the Mafia

Barbie Latza Nadeau

The Godmother

Penguin Books

Anno: 2022

Pagine: 256

The chilling story of one woman’s rise to prominence in the Italian Mafia and the women who followed in her footsteps.

Told through a combination of diligent research and personal interviews with the women themselves, Nadeau takes readers inside Mafia families and provides intimate accounts of what led these godmothers into a life of crime in the first place, from avenging the death of a lover to the practical matter of keeping up the family business while the men are away (in prison). Going beyond stereotypes, The Godmother redefines our ideas of criminal enterprises led by the women who are strong enough, smart enough, and mean enough to take control.

Rights sold:
Brazil (Darkside)
Italy (Newton Compton)
Poland (Albatros)
Serbia (Public Praktikum)

Roadmap to Hell
Publisher: Oneworld Anno: 2018 Pagine: 223

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