May released

May 31, 2024

May released








   The German edition of Fling – Joseph Murray

   The Italian edition of Words that Charm – Keiichi Sasaki

  The Italian edition of Love is a Mixtape – Robert Sheffield

  The Italian edition of Rosamund Fisher’s Real Name – Simona Dolce

  The Italian edition of The Patriarchs – Jennifer Clark

  The Italian edition of Daggers at the Country Fair  – Catherine Coles

  The Italian edition of Una lunga penna nera – Alfio Caruso

  The Italian edition of Parlami d’amore MariaGiovanna Luini 

  The Brazilian edition of The Lonely Castle in the Mirror – Mizuki Tsujimura

  The German edition of Strange Sally Diamond – Liz Nugent

  The Korean edition of Notes on the Art of Life – Haim Shapira

  The Italian edition of The Science of Minecraft – James Daley

  The French edition of The Nurse – Valerie Keogh

  The Italian edition of The Science of Stephen King – Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence

  The Italian Edition of Silvio ha fatto anche cose buone – Ferruccio Pinotti

  The French edition of Cats of Shinjuku – Durian Sukegawa

  The Italian edition of Power and Predictions – Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans and Avi Goldfarb



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