The Concierge at Via Sant’Andrea 9

Manuela Faccon

The Concierge at Via Sant’Andrea 9


Year: 2023

Pages: 288

1950’s. Padua is a city with secrets and Teresa has been carrying hers since she was sixteen.
The war has ended, but Teresa still lives in regret, tortured by painful memories of her years unjustly imprisoned. She works as a concierge in a building that once belonged to Attilio, the Fascist officer responsible for rounding up the Jews in Padova in 1943. On that tragic day, a Jewish family entrusted Teresa with their infant, Amos, and she promised never to abandon him. A promise which cost her dearly.
When Teresa is finally released, she is determined to find the child. The war has ended, but those who survived want to move on. Even her own family do not want to discuss the past. In fact, they want little to do with her after what she put them through. To atone for what their brother had done to her, Attilio’s relatives offer her employment in their aristocratic manor. Teresa finds herself living not only with her torturer’s sisters, whom she suspects still have contact with Attilio, but also with Vincenzo, a moody child whom Attilio entrusted to the family before escaping the country at the end of the war. Convinced that Vincenzo is Amos, Teresa spends years watching over him. But the sullen boy grows up to be a bitter xenophobe and ultimately demands that she leaves. As Teresa gathers her few belongings, we learn of her story, her courage and her fierce devotion to justice. With nothing to risk, she decides to tell them the truth in the hopes it will free her too. But if she is wrong and the boy isn’t Amos, who is he? And above all, what happened to the child she risked her life to protect?

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