The True Story of Giangiacomo Feltrinelli

Ferruccio Pinotti


Round Robin

Year: 2022

Pages: 832

Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, anarchist and heir to billions was more than a brilliant intellectual and publisher. A revolutionary responsible for profound change in post-war Europe, the reputation of this controversial figure has long been shrouded in half-truths and legend. Half a century after his violent death in 1972, torn apart by a bomb under a pylon in Segrate, his involvement with secret services around the world, including Mossad, KGB, CIA, and SID, still remains a dark mystery.

This book is the culmination of ten years of journalistic and academic research, including over 40,000 unpublished court documents, exclusive interviews and first person revelations that offer new and shocking truths about Feltrinelli’s last years.  Fifty years after his death, this unprecedented reconstruction  restores human and intellectual depth of the most influential publisher of the 20th century who was also a revolutionary and a subversive.

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